Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi everyone. My name is Dan Fink and I am Lieutenant with SRPD. Gene has been nice enough to allow me to be a contributor to the blog. I am looking forward to posting about what is happening at SRPD today. Please let me know if you have any questions I can answer.

A little about me.....I came to the City of San Rafael in 1997 as a Code Enforcement Officer. After getting very bored, very fast, I was lucky enough to be hired and put through the police academy. I was sworn in as an Officer in 1998. I have been fortunate enough with a little luck (and some hard work thrown in) to be promoted to Lieutenant in March of 2009. I am settling into my new job, trying to figure out a new way to shuffle paper faster!

In my personal life, I am married (for the 2nd time) with no kids and 3 dogs who act like kids. I love anything to do with the wine industry including drinking and am a diehard Tenneesee Titans fan as well as a fan of Nascar and the excellent driver of the 39 car, Ryan Newman.

Thats it for now.....look forward to blogging with everyone.