Thursday, July 26, 2012

Marin History Museum - Research & Storage Facility

I want to share with you the news of an exciting new project that I am now working on with several other volunteers.  I hope that you and MCGS will help spread the word about the Marin History Museum and their research and storage facility.  I will send you another message shortly about the specific public safety and justice exhibit the Museum will open in late September.

I attended a meeting on 7/19/12 with several interested volunteers who want to preserve Marin County public safety history.  One of the people who attended was Holly Gallagher, Curator for the Marin History Museum.  She shared with our group information about their research and storage facility.  She said the facility is located in Bel Marin Keys and is open to the public.  There is a small fee of $5.00 to use the facility.  She briefly described the material available for research including the entire collection of the IJ and many historical documents, photographs and other material.

Click here to learn more about the research facility.

The facility is used to store donated artifacts that are not yet ready for research or are part of an exhibition.  This is the facility where any donated material we are collecting or that you may wish to donate will be stored.

The good news is that anybody can donate NOW!  If you have any artifacts that are related to San Rafael PD or any Marin County Law Enforcement agency or any Fire Services Agency and you would like to donate them to share with others, you can contact them to arrange for the donation.  Please share this information with your family and friends that may have artifacts they wish to donate.  I have a feeling that once the word gets out to the public about this facility and the program the Marin History Museum runs, many people will step forward with material to share and donate.

Click here to learn more about donating to the Marin History Museum.